Singer Interview – Podcast June 15, 2020

The Future Of Medical Care In Sedona. The Democratic Perspective hosts welcome Neil Singer, MD to address rumors that Northern Arizona Healthcare is prepared to downgrade or close the Emergency Room in Sedona. If true, the impact on Sedona could be devastating, making Emergency Room care at least 20 minutes away. That would not only impact Sedona residents. It would impact visitors who are injured while hiking or biking. And it would impact those affected by the altitude.

Though the hospital has stated, “We’re not going to abandon Sedona,” it refuses to deny the rumors. But Singer says, “It’s clear that they are re-evaluating the Emergency Room. The hospital is spending a lot of money on new services in Sedona. They probably lost a lot of money due to Covid.”

As for the idea of a downgraded ER he says, “There’s not a downgraded Emergency Room. There’s an Immediate Care…similar to Camp Verde. They can’t give intravenous fluids, They can’t deal with complicated fractures. They don’t have radiology there 24 hours a day. It’s just a glorified doctor’s office.”

Sedona residents can address their concerns by contacting the NAH Board of Directors.

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