Mundell, Stanfield, Tovar Interview – Podcast March 30, 2020

The Most Powerful Entity In State Government That Nobody Knows Anything About. Democratic Perspective contributors welcome Anna Tovar, Shea Stanfield and Bill Mundell to the show. All three are Democratic candidates for the Arizona Corporation Commission with the goal of wresting control of the commission from the companies they regulate and returning it to the people.

Mundell, who previously served on the commission and was the subject of attacks from the utilities it regulates, calls the commission the fourth branch of government charged with regulating government-created monopolies. He says, “In territorial days, it was called the Railroad Commission. It has come full circle with very powerful forces in Arizona.” Stanfield explains, “Pinnacle West and APS have bought four of five regulators currently sitting on the commission. The three of us are running clean. We don’t take any corporate money. No PAC money.”

“The name may not be very jazzy,” says Tovar. “But it is very important. We need commissioners who are independent…so that everyday people are being protected.

The three candidates need Arizona voters to sign petitions to get them on the ballot and make $5.00 donations to unlock funds from the Citizens Clean Elections Commission. You can sign petitions and make donations online at

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