Kazian Interview – Podcast October 22, 2018

Maintaining Fire And Rescue Preparedness In Sedona. Democratic Perspective co-hosts, Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson, welcome Chief Kris Kazian to discuss the challenges faced by the Sedona Fire District. Not only is the department responsible for fire protection for an area covering 168 sq. miles. It provides Emergency Medical Services for an area of 274 sq. miles (for comparison the City of Philadelphia is only 143 sq. miles). The department responds to nearly 4,500 calls per year ranging from wildfires to structure and vehicle fires to heart attacks to mountain rescues. All of that requires a high level of training and sophistication. Yet a small minority of citizens driven by political ideology believes that the needs can be met by cutting taxes and returning to a volunteer fire department.

As Kazian explains the facts, it becomes clear that significant budget cuts are a dangerous idea.

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