Ploog, Ferreira, Kinsella Interview – Podcast October 8, 2018

Women And The Expected Blue Wave. Democratic Perspective co-host Mike Cosentino welcomes Holli Ploog, Ellen Ferreira and Kathy Kinsella to the show to talk about the changes in political climate and the women who are running for office.

Ploog begins by stating that 3,260 women running for office right now. “I do think it matters,” she says. “The influx of women in elective office will make a difference in the policies and the approach.” Ferreira explains the surge this way: “That Trump got elected after the Hollywood Access tape is very telling. It energized women throughout the country. The tape didn’t matter. The Kavanaugh assault didn’t matter. The only chance we have is to show up and vote.” Kinsella adds, “There’s a phrase I have hated since childhood: ‘Boys will be boys.’ It’s an expectation of bad behavior. Women through life endure bad behavior. In politics, in particular, there is pushback against women. Women are empowered and we are galvanized.”

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