Pierce, Cardenas and Fryer Interviews – Podcast May 14, 2018

Making Arizona safer, more equitable and more enjoyable for everyone. Democratic Perspective co-hosts Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson welcome Democratic candidates Bill Pierce, Mark Cardenas and Kelly Fryer to talk about their plans for a better Arizona. Pierce who is running for State Mine Inspector explains the need to hire more inspectors to ensure worker and environmental safety for the thousands of active and abandoned mines in Arizona. As a candidate for State Treasurer, Cardenas explains the need to raise revenue since Arizona is operating on half the budget of comparable states. And, as a candidate for Governor, Fryer offers a positive vision for Arizona in which people come first, saying, “I really believe that at the heart of the community, the state, the country should be love. A fierce, ferocious love that stays in difficult situations because our futures are tied together.”

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