Terry Goddard Interview – Podcast February 19, 2018

Amending The Arizona Constitution To Get Dirty Money Out Of Politics. Democratic Perspective host, Mike Cosentino, welcomes former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard to discuss his efforts to expose the original sources of dark money in politics. Is it money from a corporation that seeks a direct benefit from helping to elect a particular candidate? Is it a wealthy individual with a personal agenda who wants to ensure that a political donation remain secret by laundering it through a bewildering number of political groups? Without transparency, voters can’t know. Yet the Arizona legislature has made it easier to hide the source of political donations than any other state in the nation. AZ citizens can change that. By signing a petition and volunteering to collect signatures, we can place an amendment on this year’s ballot to reveal the sources of dark money in our elections. To learn more about this non-partisan effort, visit OutlawDirtyMoney.com.

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