Mik Jordahl Interview — Podcast December 11, 2017

The Bill of Rights Is Being Fought Over Every Day: When All Is Said and Done, Litigation Is the Only Effective Way To Protect Us From the Consequences of Unconstitutional Laws.  Mik Jordahl, local Sedona attorney and free speech advocate, is no stranger to cases involving violations of our First Amendment rights. In fact, he has been instrumental in getting several Arizona laws overturned on First Amendment grounds. Today he shares some of his experiences defending free speech in the courtroom with Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino, Klaus von Stutterheim, and Steve Williamson.

Legislatures aren’t perfect; in times when political passions run high, and anti-democratic ideologies gain influence over our elected representatives, the principle of equal justice under law runs the risk of being honored more often in the breach than in the observance. When that happens, the Constitution can be our only friend and ally, but only if we, and our lawyers, are willing to come to its defense.

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