Jason Dick Interview — Podcast November 27, 2017

Keeping a Close Eye On the Process: a Washington Reporter Explains How the Legislative Sausage Is Currently Being Made.  Jason Dick, Managing Editor, Leadership & Enterprise, for CQ Roll Call, shares his insights with Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino on the Republican Party’s current struggle to pass a new tax cut for corporations and the rich. Will some version of the Senate measure pass under the budget reconciliation rules, which require only a simple majority for passage, and if so, how difficult is it likely be to reconcile the significant differences between the House bill and the Senate measure? Do we have any idea yet on which way Arizona Senators Jeff Flake and John McCain are leaning on the Senate measure? A careful watch on the clash of ideologies and interests in a legislative conflict like this one can tell us a lot more about what’s going on than a Twitter feud or a Facebook algorithm, and for that we need the experienced observers of the Fourth Estate. Fortunately, as this interview shows, they are still with us.

Producers’ Note: The producers of Democratic Perspective apologize for the poor quality of the audio on the first two minutes of this week’s show. A technical difficulty in the studio recording process was unfortunately not caught early enough, and the resulting distortion couldn’t be remedied post-production. The rest of the recording is fine, though, and we hope that our listeners will find the content compelling enough to endure the flaws at the outset.

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