David Lujan Interview — Podcast August 28, 2017

Sabotaging the Arizona Public Education System: 25 Years of Republican Ignorance, Ideological Intransigence, and Corruption. Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson interview David Lujan, former Arizona State Legislator, and former President of the Phoenix Union High School District School Board, about the chronic underfunding of Arizona’s Public Education System by Republican ideologues, who’ve somehow managed to convince themselves, if not the rest of us, that cutting taxes on their friends is the solution to every problem. Whatever outcome it is that they expect, the truth is that they’ve set fire to their own grandchildren’s future, and to the future of of every other Arizonan’s grandchildren as well. David Lujan’s new organization, The Arizona Center for Economic Progress, is dedicated to not letting them get away with it. He and his organization could use our help.

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