Matthew Goodwin Interview — Podcast May 29, 2017

Infotainment, Propaganda, and Self-Aggrandizing Media Empires: The Demise of What We Once Thought Of As Objective Journalism, and What It Means For the General Welfare.  Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson ask Matt Goodwin, Professor of Philosophy at Northern Arizona University, and one of the founders of SPEX, the Sedona Philosophy Experience, for his take on the nature of truth, our journalistic traditions, and what it means for effective democratic governance when they both succumb to the economic uncertainties which threaten traditional media empires. Infotainment, press-release reporting, beat-sweetening, and disinformation campaigns by all sorts of interested parties are now the environment we all have to navigate if we want to know what’s going on outside the limits of our own personal experiences. The forces at work may eventually come to some sort of benign equilibrium, but in the meantime, caveat emptor seems to be the only defense available to us.

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