Steve Farley Interview — Podcast April 10, 2017

How Do You Deal With the Crazy in Arizona Politics? Steve Farley Has Some Ideas: Democratic Perspective welcomes Steve Farley, Arizona State Senator from District 6 in Tucson, for a discussion of the latest examples of Republican malfeasance in Phoenix, and how he works across the aisle to ameliorate as much of it as he can. We explore the attack on the right of citizen initiative and petition represented in HB2404 and HB2244, and the expanded assault on the funding for public education embodied in SB1431, as well as some of the other notably boneheaded moves by Governor Ducey and the Republicans in the State Legislature.We also ask him about his exploratory work on a possible run for governor in 2018, and the response he’s getting across the state.

If you want to see the sausage-making of the legislative process up close, and in a form non-politicans can understand, we also highly recommend Senator Farley’s weekly newsletter, The Farley Report. What’s there is not always a pretty sight, but it’s the kind of thing that concerned citizens desperately need to keep an eye on, and we commend Senator Farley for making it available to us.

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