Campaign 2016: Tomorrow Is (Finally!) The Day — Podcast November 7, 2016

Final Thoughts Before the People Speak: A Review of Where We Stand. Democratic Perspective welcomes Astrid Silva, Dreamer and Democratic Party activist, for a discussion of the state of the campaign for the presidency, and for control of the U.S. Senate, in her home state of  Nevada. Thanks largely to a massive voter registration and GOTV effort among the Latino population, things are looking pretty good for the Democratic Party in Nevada, and Astrid is confident that a win is in the offing for Hillary and for Catherine Cortez Masto, the Senate Democratic candidate. On the home front, here in Arizona, things seem considerably iffier. Democratic Perspective regulars Mike Cosentino, Gary LaMaster, and Steve Williamson take a look at the polls, calculate the odds, and hazard a glimpse at what we can look forward to — or not — come Wednesday morning.

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