Bob Oliphant Interview — Podcast September 12, 2016

Yavapai College 2016 Update: Have the Last Two Years of Local Political Advocacy improved Community College Access for the East County? Democratic Perspective welcomes back Robert Oliphant, ex-Board Member of Yavapai College for Yavapai County District 3, to discuss his new book, Wake Up Verde Valley, You’ve Just Been Ripped Off, available at local public libraries, and soon to be published (in a couple of weeks) as a free e-text on his public advocacy Web site, Eye On Yavapai College.

Since we last talked to Bob, there’s been some encouraging  support for the Verde Valley’s concerns on the Yavapai College Governing Board, but proposals for addressing the inequities in funding and course development for the Verde Valley campuses in Clarkdale and Sedona are still being voted down, while the College’s empire building in Prescott and Prescott Valley continues with at best token gestures toward the desperate need of Verde Valley residents for accessible technical and vocational education. If we, as residents of the Verde Valley, want our educational needs to be effectively addressed, we’ll have to keep the pressure on.

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