Cottonwood Mayoral Candidates — Podcast March 14, 2016

Tim Elinski and Terence Pratt: Two Candidates for Mayor, Two Visions for the Future of Cottonwood. Democratic Perspective continues its coverage of the 2016 national, state, and local election campaigns, focusing this time on the local mayoral election in Cottonwood.

With a population (in 2011) of 12,000, and a median annual household income (in 2013) of $33,000, Cottonwood, Arizona, might be considered typical of a number of small towns in the state, except that in the past ten years, in what we think is an admirable display of cooperation between local government and businesses, Cottonwood has been undergoing a remarkable economic renaissance. Terence and Tim, as veteran members of the Cottonwood City Council, have both made significant contributions to this success.

Now they’re both running for mayor. With the election still five months away, Democratic Perspective co-hosts Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson give our listeners an early opportunity to hear why Tim and Terence are running, how they view the issues facing the city, and what they envision as the keys to future civic development.

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