Brent Bitz Interview — Podcast February 22, 2016

The Verde River Basin: A Vital Resource for the Present and Future of Arizona. Democratic Perspective is pleased to welcome Brent Bitz, treasurer of the Verde River Basin Partnership, for another of our continuing series of programs devoted to the importance of preserving Arizona’s natural resources for future generations.

The Verde River Basin Partnership was created by federal legislation under Title II of Public Law No. 109-110, the Northern Arizona Land Exchange, and the Verde River Basin Partnership Act of 2005. Why was this legislation necessary? The mission statement of the Partnership states the answer very clearly:

The Verde River Basin’s surface water resources are critically connected to its groundwater supplies, local economies, citizen quality of life, and private property values. Surface waters are also a visual reminder of the condition of groundwater supplies that the eye cannot see.

Unfortunately, the Verde River’s continued existence as a perennial free-flowing river is, and has been for some time, under significant threat. Again, from the Partnership’s mission statement:

The Verde River has been identified by American Rivers as one of America’s Most Endangered Rivers. The river is threatened by groundwater depletion and inefficient irrigation diversion and delivery of diverted river water.

Why is this happening, and how can we help do something about it? Listen to our podcast and find out.

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