Bacchus Ain’t Got Nothing On Us: Another Great Verde Valley Wine Show — Podcast May 25, 2015

Wines and Winemaking: How To Do The Hard Stuff and Still Have a Good Time. Democratic Perspective talks viticulture (the science of vines) and oenology (the science of wines) with Michael Pierce, Director of Enology at the Southwest Wine Center, Tom Schumacher, President of the Verde Valley Wine Consortium,
and Paula Woolsey, Vice President of the Consortium, co-owner of the wine consulting business Cellar Door Unhinged, and all-around Arizona Wine Cheerleader.

If you’re a consumer who wants to know more about wines and how to choose them; if you’re an amateur winemaker who wants to know how to improve the quality of his vintages; if you’re a commercial producer or someone wants to make a career in wine production or marketing, and need to know more about the real world of climate and soil analysis, capital requirements, infrastructure costs, cash flow, government regulation and return on investment, these are the folks to talk to.

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