Michael Austin Interview — Podcast March 11, 2013

Separating Myth From History: How the U.S. Constitution Was Really Made: Democratic Perspective co-hosts Steve Williamson and Gary LaMaster talk to Professor Michael Austin, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Newman University in Wichita, Kansas, about his recent book, That’s Not What They Meant: Reclaiming the Founding Fathers from America’s Right Wing.

Dr. Austin explains that the people we think of as our Founding Fathers were in fact united on only one issue, that the American colonies should not be governed by the British. On almost every other issue, they were deeply divided. As a consequence, the U.S. Constitution was born in compromise, and contrary to what many of us believe today, it was intended as a framework for future compromises that the Founders knew would be essential to the successful governance of the country they helped create.

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