Paul Lenze Interview — Podcast March 26, 2012

The Last Resort: Middle-East expert Dr. Paul Lenze, of Northern Arizona University, talks with Democratic Perspective co-hosts Michael Cosentino and Stephen Williamson about the consequences of military actions against Iran, consequences which have often been overlooked or downplayed by powerful advocates in the Republican Party, in the Israeli government, and in its allied lobbying groups in the U.S.

Despite what many of our fellow citizens seem to believe, war is never the first tool a government should reach for when its interests are thwarted, even when its military is the most powerful in the world. If what happened in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan was not enough to convince U.S. decision makers that wars of choice are a bad idea, there’s a good chance that Iran will be next on the list for military action. If so, Dr. Lenze argues that the consequences may once again be worse than we bargained for.

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