Democratic Perspective: A 30-Week Retrospective.

This week, Democratic Perspective reached a milestone of sorts by presenting our 30th show on KAZM. We decided to take this opportunity to look back at the first 30 shows.

The quality of guests has surprised even us. Co-hosts Steve Williamson and Mike Cosentino have conducted interviews with an impressive number of progressives who are highly respected locally, nationally and internationally.

Guests have included Sedona Councilwoman Barbara Litrell, AZ State Legislators Kirsten Synema and Chad Campbell, Congressman Raul Grijalva, former AZ Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick and State Chair of the Democratic Party, Andrei Cherney.

We have learned from educators such as Lane Kenworthy and Faten Goshen.

And thanks to Steve Williamson’s audacity to think big and just ask, we have hosted national and international figures such as Howard Dean, Grayson, Noam Chomsky and Avi Chomsky.

The subject matter has been equally far-ranging. Topics have included immigration, the deficit, Social Security, Medicare, the role of government, the Occupy Wall Street movement and more. Our own Bill Timberman thoroughly researched and presented two in-depth programs on privatization and the economy.

We hope you have enjoyed listening to the shows as much as we have enjoyed presenting them. We look forward to continuing. For the near future, we already have arranged another interview with Alan Grayson, two more with Raul Grijalva and another in-depth topic with Bill Timberman.

We are most grateful for all of our guests and listeners. If you missed any of our radio broadcasts, you’ll find podcasts on this site. We encourage you to listen to all of them.

Thank you!

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