A Very Clear Choice.

This week, former Congresswoman, Ann Kirkpatrick was a guest on Democratic Perspective.

When asked about losing her Congressional seat in 2010, Kirkpatrick replied, “It’s not the first time I’ve been bucked off a horse. I just have to pick myself up and get back on.”

As to why she has decided to run for office again, she said, “The defining moment for me was when he (Paul Gosar) voted for the Ryan budget plan that would end Medicare. The reason we have Medicare is to prevent insurance companies from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. For Republicans, saving Medicare means vouchers and saving the environment means uranium mining in the Grand Canyon. Gosar has supported uranium mining in the Grand Canyon.”

“The government needs to help us protect our natural resources,” she continued. “That’s why I support the National Scenic Area designation for Sedona and why I want to protect the Grand Canyon. In fact, the NSA designation for Sedona is the first bill I will introduce after my election.

In addressing the current economic problems, Kirkpatrick said, “It’s the American people who are going to turn the economy around. I hear great ideas from people every day. I’d like to see a diversified, sustainable economy in Arizona. That includes tourism to take advantage of our wonderful natural resources, bio-medicine, alternative energy such as wind and solar, and education. We need good teachers to help educated children for good, middle class jobs that can support a family.”

“That’s who we are as Americans. That’s what I stand for.”
“The gap between the extremely wealthy and the middle class has never been greater. I talk to people all the time. They’re struggling. Recently at a food kitchen in Flagstaff, I was seeing working families. They can’t find good jobs. But they’re working part timeand need help. The shelter is at capacity.”

When asked about her independent streak when it came to votes on legislation, Kirkpatrick didn’t shy away from her record. “I’ve always taken an independent path,” she said. “I was born and raised in this Congressional District. I never expected to run for Congress. When I was first approached to run in 2004, I asked my law partners about it. They encouraged me to run. They said I probably wouldn’t be elected, but it would be good for business.”

“This is a very unique area that I was proud to represent,” she stated. “The Congressional District has the largest native American population of any in the nation.”

When asked what’s different about this campaign from the one in which she was defeated in 2010, Kirkpatrick responded, “There’s a very clear choice. Now people know more about Paul Gosar. They know what he really stands for. We have very different views on policies. This time, I have a very strong grassroots campaign. It’s very different this time.”

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