Stephen Nuño Interview — Podcast August 21, 2017

How “I Lift My Lamp Beside the Golden Door” Became “Build the Wall!”: A History of U.S. Attitudes Toward Immigration. Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino speaks with Northern Arizona University Professor Stephen Nuño about the history of U.S. attitudes toward immigration. Economic and political failures elsewhere, as well as the need for labor on an underdeveloped continent, have always contended against racial and cultural antipathy in determining both official policies and public attitudes toward immigration. What can an unbiased historical analysis tell us about what, if anything, distinguishes attitudes today from those on the day Emma Lazarus first published “The Colossus”?

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Toni Denis and Paul Schwartz Interview — Podcast August 14, 2017

As Large As the State of Delaware: The Yavapai County Democratic Party Has a Lot of Ground To Cover In the Age of Trump, and We’re Not Talking Just About Geography. With both our regular co-hosts back in the saddle after well-deserved vacations away from the craziness of politics in the Trump era, Democratic Perspective welcomes Toni Denis, the Chair of the Yavapai County Democratic Party, and its Marketing Chair and Verde Valley Liaison, Paul Schwartz, for a discussion of the Yavapai County Democratic Party’s plans for what’s beginning to look like a very turbulent future.

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Is There a “New” New Left Emerging? — Podcast August 7, 2017

They’re Baaack! Why Socialism Is Again a Topic of Serious Discussion Among the Young. Host Steve Williamson and Bill Timberman, Democratic Perspective’s webmaster, discuss what appears to be a growing reluctance on the part of young people to accept at face value the reassurances of a neoliberal political class which can’t seem to admit to its past failures, let alone learn anything from them.

The list of those failures is long: endless war, decreasing public investment, stagnating wages, a failing health care system, government sanctification of racists and misogynists, the blatant militarization of civil society, and last, but not least, an irresponsibly tepid federal response to the existential threat of global warming. Small wonder that many young people are again rummaging through historical leftist critiques of the established order, hoping to find in them some better way to avoid the future disasters that we all fear.

We look at why this is happening now, examine such historical precedents as exist, and ask whether or not we’re seeing early signs of a serious resurgence of left-wing political activity in the U.S. Given that the Left hasn’t any significant political influence in the U.S. since the Civil Rights Movement and the New Left of the 1960’s, this may seem unlikely, but simple extrapolation from the status quo, especially in troubled times, has never been a reliable guide to what may happen in the future.

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Paul Horner Interview — Podcast July 31, 2017

Less Bread And More Circuses: Clickbait Journalism, Fake News, and  Going Viral In the Age of Trump. Democratic Perspective’s favorite freelance media trickster, Paul Horner, returns to the show to give our listeners a run-down on the latest fake news brouhaha, and the mockery that virtually everyone in the media these days is making of the ancient, albeit never-entirely-honorable tradition of “objective journalism.” The revolutionary media distribution economics of the Internet, together with the end of FCC regulation, have unwittingly led us back to the scurrilous penny-dreadful broadsheets of the Eighteenth Century, and apparently no one in publishing with an axe to grind is unhappy about it. The rest of us, of course, suffer what we must.

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Tony Gioia and Bob Rothrock Interview — Podcast July 17, 2017

Protecting Our Resources, Preserving Our Future: It Takes Good People To Make Good Things Happen.  Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino talks to  Tony Gioia, Vice President of the Friends of the Verde River, and Bob Rothrock, Vice President of the Verde River Valley Nature Organization about promising new developments in efforts to preserve the Verde River and its watershed, among them the consolidation and restructuring of the organizations which have borne the historical burden of these efforts, new funding from the The Walton Family Foundation, progress in removing non-native invasive species from the riparian environment, aquifer-recharging agreements, and a new tradeable-credit system for reducing the overall draw from the watershed.

Democratic Perspective is proud to help get the word out on what these fine people, largely volunteers, have accomplished in the past, and will accomplish in the future. We know that many people are grateful for their efforts, and rightly so. For the record, we as individuals. and as an organization, would like to add our thanks to them for a job well done.

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Jeff Jeans Interview — Podcast July 10, 2017

President Obama and the Affordable Care Act Saved My Life: How Jeff Jeans’ Question Revealed Why the Republicans Hell-Bent On Repealing Obamacare Are Not Your Friends.  Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino speaks with Jeff Jeans, ex-libertarian, cancer survivor, and public health care advocate, about his experience confronting Paul Ryan at a CNN Town Hall with a question about health care insurance coverage that to this day no one in the Republican Party can honestly answer.

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Andrea Christelle Interview — Podcast July 3, 2017

If the Nature Of Truth Is Conditioned By Our Prior Allegiances, What Are the Implications For Our Politics?  Democratic Perspective’s co-hosts Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson ask Andrea Christelle, one of the founders of SPEX, the Sedona Philosophy Experience, how we should deal with the fact that, in terms of political efficacy, a well-told lie can seem functionally equivalent to the truth.

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Barbara Litrell Interview — Podcast June 26, 2017

If the League of Women Voters Is Not a Partisan Organization, Why Does It Oppose So Many of President Trump’s Policy Initiatives? Barbara Litrell, President of the League of Women Voters of Greater Verde Valley, tells Democratic Perspective why the League’s consistently held positions on issues such as health care as a right, environmental sustainability, and equal rights for women, have forced it to lobby actively against a number of the Trump administration’s announced policy proposals, even though the League is, as it always has been, a non-partisan organization.

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All Trump, All the Time: Should We REALLY Be Watching the President Fiddle While the Country Burns — Podcast June 19, 2017

Never Mind the Tweets, Never Mind the Russian Connection: While Presidential Twitter Tantrums, Ill-Considered Executive Orders, and Russian influence Peddling Dominate the Daily News Cycle, Republican Wrecking Crews Are Quietly Dismantling What Little Remains of Effective National Government.  Democratic Perspective’s co-hosts Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson are joined by guests David Brushwood and John ODonnell for a discussion of the radical Republican attack now underway in Federal agencies and the Republican-controlled House of Representatives on the public education funding, nutritional programs, financial reforms, and environmental protections a healthy society is so dependent on. While the national media behave like a deer caught in Trump’s headlights, Republicans are busily carrying out a brutal, mean-spirited assault on the needs of the 99% of us who go to work every day and hope for the best.

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