Podcast April 15, 2019

Countering Trump’s Hate. The Need For Democrats To Bring Voters Together. The Democratic Perspective crew looks ahead at the 2020 presidential campaign and the need for Democrats to pull together. They note that Trump has been so divisive, it’s more important than ever before for Democratic candidates to keep their messages positive while debating the issues. If 2020 turns into a circular firing squad of Democratic candidates, Trump will win.

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Lamb Interview – Podcast April 8, 2019

Murdered And Missing Native American Women: Unsolved, Unreported and Ignored. The Democratic Perspective hosts welcome Brianna Lamb of the University of Montana. A member of the Nez Perce nation from Missoula, she is a domestic abuse survivor and a major activist on this issue. Indeed, Lamb was invited to attend the State of the Union address by Senator John Tester who has become a strong ally. Lamb addresses the problems with jurisdiction on reservations and the lack of media attention which have led to the disappearance of so many women. According to Lamb, these women “disappear in life, in the media and in the data,” adding that “when you don’t have hard data, it’s hard to get legislation.”

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Nair Interview – Podcast April 1, 2019

Trying To Make Sense Of Violence. Democratic Perspective hosts Steve Williamson, Mike Cosentino and Klaus von Stutterhem welcome professor Sheila Nair from Northern Arizona University. An expert on Southeast Asia, she has studied the effects of the genocide in Cambodia and the French and American wars in Vietnam. Nair says one of her goals was to speak about past violence. She began her research at Tuol Sleng, a former secondary school and prison in Phnom Penh that is now a museum, to determine how people remember the genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge during which more than a million Cambodians died – 25 percent of the population. Nair also discusses the aftermath of Vietnam and how the trauma is narrated differently in that country than in the US.

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Hake Interview – Podcast March 25, 2019

The Economics Of Addressing Climate Change. After briefly discussing the Barr report, Democratic Perspective hosts, Steve Williamson and Klaus von Stutterheim discuss renewable energy with John Hake, a retired business investor and software executive. With his background, Hake is able to provide some interesting insights into the economics of renewable energy. Though people still believe that fossil fuels are less expensive than renewables, according to Hake, that has changed dramatically. As a result of improvements in the technologies, wind and solar are now able to provide reliable energy. Moreover, these renewable energy systems can be developed economically and rapidly. He adds that around three-quarters of coal energy production is now more expensive than renewable energy sources.

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Podcast – March 18, 2019

Addressing The Rise Of White Nationalism. Following the mass shooting at two mosques in New Zealand, Democratic Perspective co-hosts Steve Williamson and Mike Cosentino, along with regular contributors Klaus von Stutterheim and Gary LaMaster, discuss the wave of Islamaphobia and white nationalism sweeping the US and the world. What role, if any, does Donald Trump and his supporters play? What is the role of social media? Of churches? What can be done to mitigate the growing division and hatred?

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Goodwin Interview – Podcast March 11, 2019

Ethics And Climate Change. Democratic Perspective co-hosts, Steve Williamson and Mike Cosentino, welcome Professor Matt Goodwin, a philosophy professor at Northern Arizona University, to discuss environmental ethics and climate change. Goodwin begins by explaining the traditional view of ethics in which individuals are harmed versus the view of indigenous cultures who had a very robust environmental ethics. He then turns to describing the difference between simple conservation versus a responsibility for the environment. He explains that climate change requires us to rethink how we’ve been doing everything. “Psychologically this is very challenging,” he says. “It is more of a philosophical problem than a scientific problem.”

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Podcast – March 4, 2019

Trump, Social Democracy, AOC and the Green New Deal. Democratic Perspective regulars Mike Cosentino, Klaus von Stutterheim and Gary LaMaster begin by discussing Michael Cohen’s testimony, the North Korea summit and the political horror show otherwise known as CPAC. The hosts then debunk the GOP claims that Democrats are socialists by drawing a clear distinction between Social Democracy and Socialism. Finally, they address the Green New Deal, a popular and much-needed proposal by the GOP’s new nightmare – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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Dan Singal Interview – Podcast February 25, 2019

A Look At Democratic Candidates For President. The hosts welcome Dan Singal, PhD to discuss the announced and unannounced Democratic candidates for president. The long-time party insider stresses the importance of selecting the most electable candidate in order to hold or increase gains in House and take back the Senate along with the White House. He ranks what he considers the top twelve based on electability, charisma, authenticity and ability to connect with voters.

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Podcast – February 18, 2019

The Next Bold Step Toward Fascism?  On President’s Day, the Democratic Perspective hosts and contributors examine Trump’s attempted power grab and effort to usurp the fiduciary responsibility of Congress by declaring a national emergency to build a wall on our southern border. Gone is the idea that Mexico will pay for it. Instead, Trump is using lies, distortions and misinformation to force taxpayers to pay billions to build a wall that will do little to reduce drug smuggling and human trafficking. When Republicans controlled all branches of power, they could have funded the wall. But only now, after Democrats have taken control of the House, does Trump call it a national emergency. Far from an emergency, it seems more like an attempt to solidify the conservative base and foment fear in anticipation of the 2020 election.

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Podcast – February 11, 2019

The Hidden Damage of the Trump Administration. Democratic Perspective hosts Steve Williamson, Mike Cosentino and Klaus von Stutterheim discuss some of the Trump administration’s actions that have gone relatively unnoticed – actions that been hidden by the smokescreen of scandalous behavior. Trump and his cabinet members have undermined institutions, enabled racists, caged children, engaged in trade wars, raised taxes on the middle class, damaged the environment, reduced national parks, and harmed long-standing international relationships. Many of these actions will be long-lasting. Some will be permanent.

The administration has given lifetime positions on the courts to highly-partisan ideologues. The Affordable Care Act has been severely weakened. Deficits have skyrocketed. Press conferences have all but been replaced by 140 character tweets based on lies. The corruption of self-serving administrators has cost taxpayers millions. And it will take decades to replace the highly-capable public servants who have been forced to resign.

All of this begs the question: Can we afford another two years of Trump?

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