Politics and the Environment: a Review — Podcast October 5, 2015

Are We There Yet? Opinions May Be Changing, But Meaningful Action Seems As Far Away As Ever, Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino and Gary LaMaster look at the politics of planetary stewardship. Can the gridlock of conflicting interests be broken in time to save what’s left of a natural environment that has nurtured us throughout our long evolution as a species?

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Eva Lee Sargent Interview — Podcast September 28, 2015

The Endangered Species Act, the Mexican Gray Wolf, and the Arizona Game and Fish Department: Yet Another Instance of Science Held Hostage by Right-Wing Ideology.  Eva Lee Sargent, Southwest Program Director for Defenders of Wildlife, joins Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino, Gary LaMaster, and Steve Williamson, for a discussion of the Defenders’ programs to preserve and defend Arizona’s endangered species of wildlife, and the political barriers erected by the states’ rights extremists of the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

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Jan Nichols Interview — Podcast September 21, 2015

Feeding at the Public Trough: The Sleazy Economics of Charter School Scams and Ripoffs. Jan Nichols, Arizona native, retired Phoenix teacher, and education activist, joins Democratic Perspective hosts Mike Cosentino and Gary LaMaster for a discussion of charter school funding abuses — discover how and why much of the tax money earmarked for innovative projects in Arizona K-12 public education has instead been diverted to support private and religious schools, and to boost the profit margins of private education corporations with questionable connections to our state legislators.

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Sedona and the National Monument Controversy: a Closer Look — Podcast September 14, 2015

The Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock National Monument Proposal: What’s Really At Issue In the Current Controversy. Democratic Perspective looks deeper into the current flap over a National Monument designation for the Sedona area.

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Labor Day: The Diminished Remnant of a Proud History of Struggle — Podcast September 7, 2015

Paid For In Blood: the Forgotten History of the Labor Movement in The U.S. Democratic Perspective looks at the history of our second Civil War — the struggle of the American Labor Movement for decent wages, working conditions, and the political influence crucial to preserving their hard-won gains. Mike Cosentino, Gary LaMaster, and Steve Williamson remember — and honor — the price in blood and deprivation paid by American workers for the benefits we enjoy today. When we celebrate Labor Day, we should remember that the 40 hour week, paid holidays, vacations and sick leave, minimum wage legislation, and the right to organize were not granted as gifts by employers or government, but fought for by people who braved lockouts, beatings, and bullets to improve the lot of all of us who work for a living.

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Peggy Chaikin Interview — Podcast August 31, 2015

The Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock National Monument Proposal: Everything You Need to Know about Land Trades, Amendment 12, and the Protection of Sedona’s Public Lands. Democratic Perspective talks to Peggy Chaikin, volunteer at  Keep Sedona Beautiful and Secretary of Friends of Verde River Greenway, about Keep Sedona Beautiful’s involvement in developing a community plan for the National Monument proposal.

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Matt Capalby Interview — Podcast August 24, 2015

Arizona: the State of the State, the State of State Politics. Democratic Perspective’s intrepid investigative staff interviews Matt Capalby — Kingman native, Arizona Democratic Party stalwart, and highly regarded political consultant — about the state of play in Arizona politics as the 2016 race for the U.S. Senate and the Congressional contests in CD-1 and CD-6 begin to heat up.

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