Buying Sedona’s Government – Podcast August 13, 2018

The Wide-Ranging Influence of the Koch Brothers. Democratic Perspective co-host Steve Williamson and contributor Gary LaMaster discuss the battle for a city’s self-government and the impact of dirty money. Steve begins by documenting the ugly battle for home rule in Sedona. Then Gary dives into the goals of America’s 2nd wealthiest family and the impact of their billions which are intended to end Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and other safety net programs by undermining democracy as we know it.

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Camello, Kinsella, Litrell Interviews – August 6, 2018

A Political Campaign Run by Outsiders and Based On Lies. Democratic Perspective co-host Steve Williamson welcomes Al Camello, Kathy Kinsella and Barbara Litrell to respond to the political signs placed along 89A in Sedona. Our guests recommendation? Ignore them. The signs are part of a dishonest campaign to block home rule – the ability of the City of Sedona to manage its own budget. Worse, the campaign is being funded and run by people who don’t even live in the city. The central promise of the candidates who oppose home rule seems to be: “We have a secret plan to solve traffic problems. But we can’t tell you about it until after we’re elected.” On the other hand, the proponents of home rule encourage you to learn more. If you live in Sedona, listen to this podcast and watch the complete video of the Home Rule Forum at Then vote! As Camello says, “Home rule is a litmus test. If it fails, we’re going to turn the city over to a far-right group. If you want to send this group of bandits a message, vote yes.”

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Howse Hudson, Jablow, Williamson Interviews – July 30, 2018

Sedona City Council Candidates On Tourism, Traffic And Home Rule. Democratic Perspective co-host Steve Williamson welcomes three candidates for Sedona City Council: Janice Howes Hudson, Jessica Williamson and Scott Jablow. They discuss the difficult task of sustaining the natural beauty and character of Sedona while addressing increased tourism, traffic and the very real threat of state-mandated budget cuts. To learn more click on the following links: Sedona In Motion and Home Rule.

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Bobby Tyler Interview – July 23, 2018

Fighting for Rural Arizona. The co-hosts of Democratic Perspective welcome Bobby Tyler, Mayor of Holbrook, AZ and candidate for LD6 State Representative. A longtime volunteer and public servant with a career as a machinist for APS, Tyler was elected the first black mayor in the state of Arizona. Now he wants to use his ability to pull people together for the people of northern Arizona. Noting that the current office holders represent an ideology rather than their constituents, Tyler says, “It’s difficult when you see that they are not doing the best for everyone involved.” In stark contrast to his opponents, Tyler wants to serve the people of rural Arizona by helping create jobs, providing access to more affordable healthcare, protecting the environment, properly funding education and ending homelessness. “I want to pull off my power plant and work experience,” he says. “You have all those people working together. You have to have a common good and a common goal.”

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Rise of the Oligarchs – July, 16, 2018

The Democratic Perspective team addresses some of the things that have diminished the power of voters and led to an oligarchy (a nation controlled by the moneyed class) as determined by a peer-reviewed study. Co-hosts Steve Williamson and Mike Cosentino discuss the impact of dirty money, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), and the Koch-funded PAC called Americans for Prosperity. Then Gary LaMaster explains the growing inequitable representation of states in the Senate and, in turn, the Electoral College.

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Terry Goddard Interview – Podcast July 9, 2018

Dirty Money. Dirty Politics. Democratic Perspective co-hosts Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson welcome former AZ Attorney General Terry Goddard who is leading an effort against dirty money to require Political Action Committees to reveal the original source(s) of their funding. Goddard believes that we all have a right to know the identity of those who are trying to influence our votes. The effort has raised 285,000 signatures – more than the 225,000 required to get the issue on the ballot. Later in the show, Gary LaMaster identifies the 13 ways Republicans are using to suppress, manipulate and marginalize Democratic votes.

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Jeff Biggers Interview – Podcast July 2, 2018

Resistance, Reclaiming an American Tradition. That’s the title of a new book written by this week’s guest. Jeff Biggers is an author, journalist, historian and playwright. During a conversation with Democratic Perspective co-hosts, Steve Williamson and Mike Cosentino, he explains that resistance is the greatest form of patriotism. To make the point, Biggers uses the words of Thomas Paine, one of our nation’s most important and least known founders, who said, “Resistance is not just a protest. It’s an act of renewal.” Biggers reasons that resistance is necessary for undoing mistakes, saying “Hopelessness adapts. Hope resists.”

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Jesse Lee Interview — Podcast June 25, 2018

A Culture Of Corruption. Democratic Perspective co-host, Steve Williamson, welcomes Jesse Lee, VP of communications for the Center for American Progress. After spending 8 years in the Obama White House, Lee contrasts the extreme level of corruption in the Trump administration with that of Obama’s. “It’s not exactly a coincidence when Republicans control all parts of government that they try to get their hands on everything possible,” he says. “A lot of the Republicans I used to argue with over Obama policies are now in shock. Obama worked for his constituents almost every hour of every day. Now it’s almost the opposite. You’d be hard pressed to find an example of this administration that isn’t corrupt.”

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Anita Glazer and Jim Ledbetter Interviews – Podcast June 18, 2018

A Dishonest GOP Attempt To Defund A Public School. The Democratic Perspective co-hosts welcome Anita Glazer, president of the Mingus Union School Board, and Jim Ledbetter, former president, to talk about a political trick aimed at cutting funding for a high-achieving high school through consolidation. The upcoming consolidation vote is the result of a legislative bill written to target the school. Instead of saving money as promised, a vote for consolidation will reduce the school’s operating budget by at least $300,000 per year.

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Home Rule – Podcast June 11, 2018

Returning Power To City Government. In 1980, the Arizona State Legislature passed a constitutional amendment that, in effect, wrenched local control away from Arizona cities and towns. The amendment imposed a formula-based spending limit that makes it difficult for cities to meet their needs. To regain control of its own budget, the City of Sedona has placed a Local Alternative Expenditure Limitation on the ballot to allow citizens to vote for home rule. To discuss the initiative in depth, the co-hosts of Democratic Perspective, Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson, welcome Justin Clifton, City Manager of Sedona, and Steve Segner, owner of El Portal and Chair of the Sedona Lodging Council.

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