Tom O’Halleran Interview — Podcast June 29, 2015

National Monument Status for the Sedona-Verde Valley Area: Tom O’Halleran on the Need, the Politics, and the Process. Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino talks to Tom O’Halleran, former Arizona State Representative and Senator, and former President of Keep Sedona Beautiful, about the campaign for a Sedona Verde Valley Red Rock National Monument.

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James Bishop Jr. Interview — Podcast June 22, 2015

Journalist, Writer, Environmentalist: A Man of Many Parts. Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino talks to James Bishop Jr., 25 year Sedona resident and visionary, about his life, his writing, his long association with Sedona, and his hopes for the future.

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The State of Public Education in Arizona: It’s Getting Worse — Podcast June 8, 2015

Not-So-Great Expectations: Arizona Is Now Dead Last in Per-Pupil Education Spending.  Democratic Perspective  talks to Jim Ledbetter, Verde Valley Attorney and Past President of the Mingus Union High School District Governing Board and Ann Shaw, District Director of the New Visions Academy charter schools, about the abysmal level of state support for public education in Arizona, and the demoralizing effect it’s having on those trying to prepare our children for a better future.

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Yavapai College Update — Podcast June 1, 2015

Putting the Community Back in Our Community College:  Mike Cosentino and Gary LaMaster welcome Bob Oliphant and Ruth Wicks to bring our audience up-to-date on the latest news from the Verde Valley Community College Citizen Advocates push for home rule — a separate administrative district for the Verde Valley campuses of Yavapai College.

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Bacchus Ain’t Got Nothing On Us: Another Great Verde Valley Wine Show — Podcast May 25, 2015

Wines and Winemaking: How To Do The Hard Stuff and Still Have a Good Time. Democratic Perspective talks viticulture (the science of vines) and oenology (the science of wines) with Michael Pierce, Director of Enology at the Southwest Wine Center, Tom Schumacher, President of the Verde Valley Wine Consortium,
and Paula Woolsey, Vice President of the Consortium, co-owner of the wine consulting business Cellar Door Unhinged, and all-around Arizona Wine Cheerleader.

If you’re a consumer who wants to know more about wines and how to choose them; if you’re an amateur winemaker who wants to know how to improve the quality of his vintages; if you’re a commercial producer or someone wants to make a career in wine production or marketing, and need to know more about the real world of climate and soil analysis, capital requirements, infrastructure costs, cash flow, government regulation and return on investment, these are the folks to talk to.

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Preserving the Verde River and Its Watershed — Podcast May 18, 2015

Whiskey Is for Drinking, Water Is for Fighting: Arizona Water Politics and Citizen Advocacy in Defense of the Verde River. Democratic Perspective welcomes Chip Norton, President of the Friends of the Verde River Greenway, and Kathy Davis, Secretary of the Verde River Basin Partnership for a discussion of local advocacy groups and their impact on the struggle to preserve the Verde River and its watershed. The pressure of commercial and residential development on our natural resources makes for complex political struggles among competing interest groups, particularly in Arizona, where the climate-driven scarcity of water and the pressures of population growth threaten the sustainability of our natural rivers and watersheds. Hear how citizen advocacy groups, and the alliances they have formed, are helping to ensure that the future viability of our natural environment is well defended.

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Religion As an Excuse for Bigotry — Podcast May 11, 2015

Are State-Sponsored Religious Freedom Restoration Acts Simply a Fig Leaf for Anti-Gay Discrimination? Democratic Perspective reconsiders the Establishment Clause of the Constitution’s First Amendment, the history of religious conflicts in Europe and elsewhere in the world, and more generally, the relationship of religion and the state in theory and in practice. Fundamentalists may believe that some people are more equal than others, but history suggests that a democratic state which enacts such beliefs into law risks civil conflict, even civil war. Is this what we really want?

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