Barbara Litrell and Judy Maloney Interview — Podcast November 17, 2014

The Verde Valley Mental Health Coalition: Community Involvement Makes a Difference. Democratic Perspective hosts Mike Cosentino and Gary LaMaster welcome Barbara Litrell and Judy Maloney, members of the steering committee of the Verde Valley Mental Health Coalition, for a discussion of the mental health issues facing Arizona and the Verde Valley today. Suicide hotlines, support for mental health care for our veterans and in our jails and post-release follow-up programs, innovative partnerships with local government, education and outreach activities at both local and state levels — it’s hard not to be impressed by what these committed volunteers and activists have accomplished, and the great example they’ve set for all of us in the Verde Valley.

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Dark Money: Did Pinnacle West Buy Itself a More Favorable Regulatory Environment? — Podcast November 10, 2014

Arizona Public Service, Pinnacle West, and the Arizona Elections: A Case Study in the Influence of Dark Money. Democratic Perspective’s Gary LaMaster and Steve Williamson take on the effect of dark money in the recent Arizona elections. How a private corporation, operating a monopoly public utility, was enabled by a questionable Supreme Court decision to buy itself a regulatory agency which prefers its interests over those of the public it is required by law to serve.

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Jim Holway and Mikel Weisser Interviews — Podcast November 3, 2014

Campaigning on the Issues: Jim Holway, Democratic Candidate for the Arizona Corporation Commission, and Mikel Weisser, Democratic Candidate for the Arizona State House of Representatives, Legislative District 4. Mike Cosentino, Gary LaMaster, and Steve Williamson round out Democratic Perspective’s 2014 Arizona election interviews by welcoming Jim Holway and Mikel Weisser for a discussion of their respective races. Hear who they are, where they stand on the issues, and how their races look just one day before the voters go to the polls.

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Tom O’Halleran Interview — Podcast October 27, 2014

Government Works Best When We Work Together: Tom O’Halleran, Independent candidate for Arizona State Senate, Legislative District 6. Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson welcome Tom O’Halleran to the show for a discussion of his candidacy for the Arizona State Senate from District 6. Hear why he’s running again, this time as an Independent, what his positions are on the  issues facing District 6 and the state at large, and why, as he sees it, the Arizona Legislature has lost the art of working across the aisle to solve the problems facing Arizonans.

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Felecia Rotellini Interview — Podcast October 20, 2014

Felecia Rotellini: Competence, Experience, and Service. Democratic Perspective again welcomes Felecia Rotellini, career prosecutor and Democratic candidate for the office of Arizona Attorney General back to the show. Hosts Mike Cosentino, Gary LaMaster, and Steve Williamson talk to Felecia about the progress of her campaign, her plans for the office once she’s elected, and why the failed prosecutorial priorities of her opponent, incumbent Tom Horne, have put Arizonans, particularly its senior citizens, at increasing risk from predatory white-collar crime.

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Sasha Abramsky Interview — Podcast October 13, 2014

Social Policy and the Shrinking Middle Class: Increasing Inequality Is NOT an Accident. Democratic Perspective welcomes author and journalist Sasha Abramsky back to talk about the consequences of the social policy failures outlined in his recent book  The American Way of Poverty: How the Other Half Still Lives. How deliberate policy decisions by the leaders of out government and corporate institutions devastated a once prosperous middle class, and turned a constitutional democracy into a brutal and largely unprincipled plutocracy reminiscent of the Gilded Age of the 1880s and 90s.

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Lanny Morrison Interview — Podcast October 6, 2014

Tackling the Real Issues: A Conversation with Lanny Morrison, Democratic candidate for Arizona State Representative, Legislative District 6. Democratic Perspective’s Gary LaMaster and Steve Williamson talk to Lanny Morrison about his candidacy for the Arizona House from LD 6 — his background in business and his experience as a  liaison between business and federal agencies, as well as state agencies in 20 states. Hear his views about the issues facing Arizona, his legislative priorities, and his plans for forging an effective partnership between government, business and educational institutions in the state.

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