Samantha Parsons and Matt Garcia Interview – Podcast April 23, 2018

Fighting For Academic Freedom Against The Koch Brothers’ Billions. Democratic Perspective host Steve Williamson welcomes Samantha Parsons, co-founder of Un-Koch My Campus, and Dartmouth Professor Matt Garcia, author of A World of its Own: Race, Water and Citrus In The Making of Greater Los Angeles 1900-1970. They discuss the Koch brothers’ attempts to bring their libertarian message to universities by controlling research, as well as who is teaching and what is being taught.

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Vince Fazio and Mike Upp Interviews – Podcast April, 16, 2018

Arts In Sedona And The Verde Valley. Taking a brief break from politics, Democratic Perspective co-hosts Steve Williamson and Mike Cosentino welcome Vince Fazio, Executive Director of the Sedona Arts Center, and Mike Upp of the Sedona Visual Artists’ Coalition to discuss the area’s growing arts community. They not only detail many of the opportunities for artists and art lovers in the area. They point out the growing financial impact for the City of Sedona and the Verde Valley.

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Trump Cabinet – Podcast April 9, 2018

The Incompetent, The Ideologues And The Unethical. In slightly more than a year, the scandal-ridden Trump administration has attacked virtually every public institution, including the press, the environment, the justice system, the State Department, public schools, public lands, health care, the Veteran’s Administration, and international trade. Co-hosts Steve Williamson and Mike Cosentino are joined by Democratic Perspective contributor, Gary LaMaster, to discuss the carnage.

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Robertson Work Interview – Podcast April 2, 2018

Turning Our Vision For A More Compassionate World Into Action. Co-hosts Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson welcome back professor, UN consultant, and community organizer Robertson Work to discuss his book A Compassionate Civilization: The Urgency of Sustainable Development and Mindful Activism. Faced with government officials and supporters who only want to think of themselves, he advises that we not spend our time trying to change them. “That’s not most of us,” he says. “The rest of us have to stand up and be heard. We have to take care of each other to keep going. Happiness is not a goal. It’s a way of living. It takes courage to keep going.”

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Desiree Perez Interview – Podcast March, 26, 2018

Giving Women Access To Affordable Reproductive Health Care. Democratic Perspective co-hosts Steve Williamson and Mike Cosentino discuss March for Our Lives and recent developments at the White House. They then welcome Desiree Perez of Planned Parenthood to discuss the history, mission and funding of the organization in Arizona. In addition to debunking several myths about Planned Parenthood, she explains that it provides much-needed services to women who, otherwise, might not have access to quality health care.

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Sandra Kennedy, Bill Mundell and Mark Manoil Interviews – Podcast March 19, 2018

Ending Corruption and Returning Arizona Government to the People. Democratic Perspective welcomes Sandra Kennedy and Bill Mundell who are campaigning to end APS control of the commission that oversees the utility. Since both lost elections to candidates funding by millions of APS money, the utility has increased its CEO compensation to $19 million per year by raising customer rates approved by the commission. Similarly, Mark Manoil is campaigning for AZ State Treasurer to safeguard state funds and stop the state’s reliance on sales taxes which disproportionately harm people low income Arizonans.

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America’s Gun Addiction – March 12, 2018

Why Does The US Lead The World With 108,000 Shootings Per Year? Democratic Perspective contributor Gary LaMaster joins hosts Steve Williamson and Mike Cosentino to analyze gun violence in the United States. After listing the jaw-dropping statistics, they discuss the whys and what: Why does it happen? Why is it unique to the US? What can be done to stop it?

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Nancy MacClean Interview Revisited – Podcast March 5, 2018

“Democracy In Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America.” Democratic Perspective hosts Steve Williamson and Mike Cosentino discuss this revealing book with its author and history professor, Nancy MacClean.  She reveals the motives of the radical right and how billionaires have used their wealth, racism and division to undermine our democracy.  The  interview is a rebroadcast from October 23, 2017, but, given the approaching mid-term elections, it’s well worth the time to listen again.

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David Schapira and Allegra Fullerton Interview – Podcast February 26, 2018

Giving Arizona’s public schools the resources to help kids succeed: David Schapira is running for Superintendent of Public Instruction. For 24 years non-educators have been running Arizona’s public schools into the ground. Democratic Perspective’s Klaus Von Stutterheim and Democrats of the Red Rocks President Karen McClelland discuss the needs of Arizona’s schools with Allegra Fullerton from Save Our Schools Arizona and David Schapira who is running for Superintendent of Public Instruction as a clean elections candidate. Both are working to stop the privatization and monetization of Arizona’s schools to ensure that Arizona’s schoolchildren have the opportunity for success.

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Terry Goddard Interview – Podcast February 19, 2018

Amending The Arizona Constitution To Get Dirty Money Out Of Politics. Democratic Perspective host, Mike Cosentino, welcomes former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard to discuss his efforts to expose the original sources of dark money in politics. Is it money from a corporation that seeks a direct benefit from helping to elect a particular candidate? Is it a wealthy individual with a personal agenda who wants to ensure that a political donation remain secret by laundering it through a bewildering number of political groups? Without transparency, voters can’t know. Yet the Arizona legislature has made it easier to hide the source of political donations than any other state in the nation. AZ citizens can change that. By signing a petition and volunteering to collect signatures, we can place an amendment on this year’s ballot to reveal the sources of dark money in our elections. To learn more about this non-partisan effort, visit

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