Michael Lacey Interview — Podcast September 15, 2014

“A Wonderful Way for Malcontents To Make a Living”: Michael Lacey On the Future of Investigative Journalism.  Michael Lacey, with his partner Jim Larkin, a founder, and for 35 years the Executive Editor of the award-winning Phoenix New Times, joins Democratic Perspective hosts Gary LaMaster and Steve Williamson for a discussion of his career as a journalist, editor, and publisher of one of the most influential and successful alternative newspapers in the United States. Hear what good reporting looks like, what resources are required to produce it consistently over four decades, and why Michael Lacey thinks that his kind of journalism will not only survive, but prosper, even after the devastating impact of the digital age on its traditional business models.

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Juan Cole Interview — Podcast September 8, 2014

Whatever Happened to the Arab Spring? Professor Juan Cole on the Continuing Aspirations of the Millennial Generation in the Middle East: Dr. Juan Cole, Richard P. Mitchell Collegiate Professor of History at the University of Michigan, expert on Middle Eastern affairs, and author of the widely read and influential blog Informed Comment, returns to Democratic Perspective to discuss his most recent book  The New Arabs: How the Millennial Generation is Changing the Middle East.

A lot has changed in the Middle East since the first eruptions of the Arab Spring which arose in Tunisia following  Mohamed Bouazizi’s self-immolation in December, 2010. Governments have fallen and risen, a savage civil war continues in Syria, the government of Libya has been forced to meet in a Greek car ferry in the harbor of Tobruk, and protests by young people have been brutally put down by the military in Egypt and Bahrain. Professor Cole explains what has been going on politically in the states of the Arab Spring since the mass media in the U.S. began looking the other way, and why he is hopeful that the reform-minded youth of the Arab Middle East, who have by no means gone away, will eventually constitute a decisive political force in the region.

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Cops or Occupying Army? Ferguson and the Militarization of Local Police Forces — Podcast September 1, 2014

Do Small-Town Cops Need Camouflage Combat Uniforms, Machine Guns and Tanks? Democratic Perspective Looks At the Controversy Surrounding Police Militarization in the U.S.  Mike Cosentino, Gary LaMaster, and Steve Williamson discuss the consequences of racially polarized police staffing patterns, politically motivated fear-mongering about immigration and terrorism, and the cost-free, no-strings-attached dumping of surplus military equipment on local police forces. The intent may not be to bring America’s overseas wars home to our local communities, but the effect sometimes seems to be exactly that, even to politically neutral observers.

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Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Candidates, 2014 — Podcast August 25, 2014

Arizona State Primary Election Coverage: Democratic Perspective Interviews Democratic Candidates for Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Democratic Perspective’s Gary LaMaster, Steve Williamson, and guest interviewer Karen McLelland, member of the Sedona-Oak Creek School District Governing Board welcome the Democratic candidates for the office of Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction. Listen to David Garcia and Sharon Thomas present their qualifications, their reasons for running for this crucial office, their view of the issues facing Arizona public education, and their plans for the future of Arizona’s public school system.

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Sedona City Council Candidates, 2014 — Podcast August 21, 2014

More Local Election Coverage: Democratic Perspective Interviews Sedona City Council Candidates. Continuing our local election coverage from last week, Democratic Perspective’s Steve Williamson welcomes four candidates for the Sedona City Council: Tom Lamkin, Angela LeFevre, Robert O’Donnell, and Jon J.T. Thompson. Find out who they are, why they’re running, and listen as they lay out their positions on some of the issues facing the residents of Sedona, and their visions for our collective future.

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Sedona Mayoral Candidates, 2014 — Podcast August 11, 2014

Election Time Again: Democratic Perspective Interviews Our Mayoral Candidates. As in every election year since we began broadcasting, Democratic Perspective invites candidates for our local and state offices to appear on our show to present themselves to our listeners. This Monday we interview the candidates for Sedona City Mayor, Cliff Hamilton, and Sandy Moriarty Listen as they present their qualifications, their reasons for running, their visions for Sedona’s future, and their positions on a number of current issues raised by Democratic Perspective’s co-hosts Gary LaMaster and Stephen Williamson.

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A House Divided: Friends, Relatives, and Political Disagreements — Podcast August 4, 2014

Liberals and Conservatives: Civil Discourse or Family Feud? During the American Civil War, families were famously torn apart by the issue of slavery, and brothers, enlisting on opposite sides in the war that followed, literally killed each other over a political disagreement as regrettable as it was fundamental. The divisions in American political opinion today may not be as severe they were then, but as all of us know who have had unhappy experiences at family Thanksgiving feasts, the warnings our grandparents gave us about not discussing politics and religion lack the power over us that, in less divisive times, they once may have had.

Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson welcome Mike’s old friend Chuck Vacanti to today’s show. Chuck and Mike grew up together, have known each other all their lives, but their political opinions now place them on opposite sides of our national liberal-conservative disagreements. Listen as they discuss the issues that divide them, and the role civility has played — and continues to play — in moderating their differences.

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