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A Clear Choice, Cont’d.

On October 10, Democratic Perspective continued our conversation with former Arizona Congressional Representative Ann Kirkpatrick by asking about the campaign of 2010. “It was an unusual year,” she replied. “Debate is an important part of the political process, but my … Continue reading

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The Jobs Crisis. How We Got Here.

This week, Verde Valley Independent Democrat board member, Bill Timberman joined host Steve Williamson on Democratic Perspective to discuss the overriding issue in today’s economy. Bill began by looking back about 60 years to the end of WWII. “The image … Continue reading

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Do Trickle-Down Economics Work?

As Democratic Perspective continued our conversation with Lane Kenworthy, Professor of Sociology and Political Science at the University of Arizona on Labor Day, we began by posing that question to him. Professor Kenworthy responded by saying, “To an extent. Nobody … Continue reading

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