Podcast July 3, 2023

An Ethically Challenged Court. Steve Williamson and Gary LaMaster look at the composition and bias of the Supreme Court of The United States. Now controlled by a rightwing supermajority resulting from two stolen seats, the court has set about legislating from the bench regarding abortion, affirmative action, voting rights, the right to discriminate, and more. In doing so, it has overturned decades of legal precedent and taken stances that are opposed by a significant majority of Americans.

Indeed, many of the so-called conservatives apparently lied under oath during their Senate confirmation hearings when they said they considered Roe v Wade settled law.

Further, two of the rightwing justices also ignored federal law by not reporting expensive vacations and other valuable gifts they received from billionaires. In doing so, they have revealed the court’s lack of an ethics code. Perhaps that’s why the court’s approval rating is the lowest in our nation’s history with 59 percent of Americans saying they disapprove of the court. Given that faith in the justice system is essential to democracy, that does not bode well for the future.

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