Podcast September 11, 2023

Domestic Terrorists In Suits. What else would you call the Republican members of the House of Representatives who have placed political power and extremist ideology over the best interests of our nation?

For example, the fiscal year for the federal government ends on September 30. But, instead of voting on a new budget or a continuing resolution to extend funding for the government, the so-called House “Freedom Caucus” (aka the Chaos Caucus) is focused on impeachment of President Biden. In fact, they have said they will not vote to fund the government unless Speaker McCarthy opens an impeachment enquiry. That’s despite three House investigations of the Biden family which have already lasted nine months and turned up no evidence of any wrongdoing by the president.

The consequences of the House failing to pass a budget are dire.

The last time Republicans forced a government shutdown was in 2018. Though it lasted just 16 days, the shutdown cost upwards of $2 billion in direct costs and the indirect costs were much greater. Indeed, that shutdown caused more than 800,000 workers to be furloughed or to go without pay. It also reduced the national GDP by as much as $11 billion and it interrupted a vast number of federal programs and services that caused widespread pain to many Americans.

Another shutdown could be much worse. It will likely plunge the economy into recession, and, without disaster relief funding, it will cause irreparable harm to the Americans affected by the wildfire in Hawaii and to those impacted by hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Of course, none of this is necessary. This kind of ideological brinksmanship is no substitute for budget negotiations and compromise. Yet Republicans continue to use the tactic every time a Democrat is in the White House, whether it’s over the federal budget or over the debt ceiling.

It’s time voters hold Republicans accountable and vote them out of office in 2024!

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