Segner Interview – Podcast September 20, 2021

Replacing Misinformation And Fighting With Dialogue. Democratic Perspective host Steve Williamson welcomes Steve Segner, hotel owner and president of Sedona Lodging Council, to discuss changes in the City of Sedona.

Segner begins by announcing an upcoming panel discussion on short-term rentals intended to correct misinformation and disinformation. “We need to get the information out there that’s correct in a way that’s not slanted and not one-sided,” he explains. “We’re not thrilled that there’s short-term rentals. But we’re also pragmatic that the law got passed and does, in fact, make it legal.”

The panel discussion will include the City Attorney, the City Manager, the Chamber of Commerce, and a man who manages 500 AirBnBs in four states. “We’re trying to get all the facts on the table,” Says Segner. “Then we’re going to open it up to the floor so people can ask questions. If we can get this panel format to work, we can use it for other things in the city.”

The event is part of Segner’s long-standing desire to end the angry rhetoric between community and political tribes. “Instead of everybody screaming at each other, let’s have some dialogue. I’m just sick to death of people just fighting and not having dialogue,” he says.

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