Kinsella, Ploog, Segner Interview – Podcast November 30, 2020

Planning Sedona’s Future. The Democratic Perspective co-hosts welcome new Sedona City Council members, Holli Ploog and Kathy Kinsella, along with Steve Segner, owner of El Portal and chair of the Sedona Lodging Council.

Navigating through the problems of conducting remote interviews as a result of the pandemic, they discuss the most pressing issues facing Sedona and the Verde Valley in addition to several proposed controversial developments, such as Rojo Grande, AutoCamp, Verde Connect highway project, and more.

Segner stresses the need for a regional plan to balance growth with the needs of all of the area’s residents, noting that city boundaries are imaginary. And the new council members talk about the importance of listening to all constituents. Not just those who are the most vocal.

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