Singal Interview – Podcast June 29, 2020

For Trump, The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Appears To Be A Train. Democratic Perspective co-hosts discuss the upcoming election with historian and author Dan Singal. Singal predicts a landslide for Biden. He says that it’s showing all the signs of what political scientists call a critical election – an election in which there is a significant realignment of voting blocs. “There is incredible animus toward Trump,” says Singal. “Biden doesn’t even have to run negative ads [because] Trump is now in a terrible trap. He decided to go full force into opening up the government. Now the virus is spreading like wildfire. And the only way to control the virus is to shut it down again.”

Moreover, he notes that Trump is running out of time with the start of early voting in some states only two and a half months away.

Singal goes on to discuss his expectations for a Biden administration. “I think it will look a lot like the New Deal. There will be one new piece of legislation after another. Democrats will likely have a majority and a lot of leeway. Biden is spending 8-10 hours a day planning for the future.”

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