Munro Interview – Podcast February 10, 2020

Class Action Lawsuits – A Necessary Remedy.  Steve, Mike and Klaus welcome Greg Munro, retired law professor and interim dean of the University of Montana Law School to discuss class action lawsuits. Munro begins by stating, “Class action is one of the only ways to hold corporations accountable.”

Asked about the impact of tort reform on class actions, Munro explains that tort reformers have succeeded in instituting all sorts of caps by claiming that the reforms clear the courts of unnecessary lawsuits. Yet the corporations pushing for tort reform, use the courts more than anyone else. “Tort reform takes away peoples’ rights,” he says. “The result is more power for corporations.” Munro goes on to state, “The greatest tort reform ever would be to enact universal healthcare because most of the lawsuits are the result of medical expenses.”

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