Starky Interview – Podcast December 2, 2019

Defeating One Of Washington’s Worst. Steve, Mike and Klaus welcome Stuart “Stu” Starky who is running in the Democratic primary for the AZ-DC4 congressional seat currently held by Paul Gosar. Starky is a school Principal in South Phoenix who previously ran for the US Senate against John McCain. His message is that it’s time to change the tone and the level of hate coming out of Washington.

Regarding Gosar, Starky says, “The message I’m going to deliver is who I am and what I stand for makes me the best candidate to take on Paul Gosar. I’m a school principal in South Phoenix and my school is 88 percent Hispanic and Gosar says those are little terrorists coming across the border. Clearly there is a difference between who Paul Gosar is and what he says and how I’ve lived my entire life.”

Starky continues, “…if you listen to Paul Gosar, he is an evil man who spreads hate and backs people who spread hate. So the concept of kindness and human decency is a big inspiration for me in this race and the way I look at my kids every day when I go to school and I say, I’ll fight for them. This is a campaign that needs me.”

To learn more about the candidate, click here.

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