French Interview – Podcast July 1, 2019

Reporting For Duty In The Arizona Senate. Democratic Perspective welcomes Felicia French, retired Army Colonel, Afghan War veteran, medical evacuation helicopter pilot, registered nurse and, now candidate for AZ State Senate from LD-6. French believes her public service has prepared her for office saying, “Any public service causes you to learn to be a team player and to collaborate. You have to learn to work together for the greater good.”

She believes in personal contact. “Whether you vote for me or not,” she says, “I’m still going to work for you. My favorite thing is going door to door to talk with people. I think people have a sensory overload…so much false information. So they don’t know what to believe. That’s why if you go door to door they can see. They can ask questions. I can’t meet everyone, but I try.”

As for the issues, French says, “It’s time to improve our education system, create more jobs and support small businesses, make quality affordable healthcare available for all, and take care of our veterans and their families.”

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