The Mueller Report – Podcast May 13, 2019

Does The Mueller Report Really Exonerate Trump? If you read the report – even just the executive summaries – the answer is emphatically “NO!” The Democratic Perspective crew digs into the report to explain why, even though the president was not charged with crimes, he was not exonerated. In fact, the section on conspiracy describes the difficulty in making further charges faced with numerous lies, the use of encrypted messages, the destruction of messages and records, and the fact that numerous witnesses and subjects live abroad. That’s why the summary states, “The Office cannot rule out the possibility that the unavailable information would shed additional light on (or cast in a new light) the events described in the report.”

As for obstruction, the Special Counsel’s Office notes that it accepts the OLC ruling that a sitting president cannot be indicted. But it’s telling that the summary states, “while this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

And the investigation is far from over. 11 cases have been transferred to US attorneys and 14 additional cases have been referred to US attorneys, the FBI, the DOJ or the National Security Division. 14 of these cases appear to involve unknown individuals or companies.

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