Fontes Interview – Podcast December 24, 2018

Counting All The Votes. Mike Cosentino and Klaus von Stutterheim welcome Adrian Fontes to Democratic Perspective to discuss voter suppression. Fontes is a former Marine, a former criminal defense attorney, and a former prosecutor. After seeing unbelievably long voting lines in 2016, he decided to run for the office of Maricopa County Recorder – a county about the size of New Jersey with a population the size of Kentucky. He begins by saying that voter fraud is “more rare than being struck by lightning – it doesn’t exist on a widespread level. But voter suppression does exist.” Noting that each county has different voting standards and procedures, he says, “There are more than 3,000 counties in US, so you have more than 3,000 ways to suppress votes.” Though the GOP sued him during the past election after watching their Senate candidate’s lead slip away as he made the effort to count every vote, he is unapologetic. He explains, “Administering an election is a sacred duty.”

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