Camello, Kinsella, Litrell Interviews – August 6, 2018

A Political Campaign Run by Outsiders and Based On Lies. Democratic Perspective co-host Steve Williamson welcomes Al Camello, Kathy Kinsella and Barbara Litrell to respond to the political signs placed along 89A in Sedona. Our guests recommendation? Ignore them. The signs are part of a dishonest campaign to block home rule – the ability of the City of Sedona to manage its own budget. Worse, the campaign is being funded and run by people who don’t even live in the city. The central promise of the candidates who oppose home rule seems to be: “We have a secret plan to solve traffic problems. But we can’t tell you about it until after we’re elected.” On the other hand, the proponents of home rule encourage you to learn more. If you live in Sedona, listen to this podcast and watch the complete video of the Home Rule Forum at Then vote! As Camello says, “Home rule is a litmus test. If it fails, we’re going to turn the city over to a far-right group. If you want to send this group of bandits a message, vote yes.”

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