Indivisible: Tactics for the Anti-Trump Resistance — Podcast January 9, 2017

Don’t Mourn, Organize: Answers For Those Who Want To Know What We’re Supposed To Do Now. Mike Cosentino, Gary LaMaster, and Steve Williamson discuss Indivisible: a Practical Guide for Resisting the Trump Agenda, a 26 page document by former Congressional staffers which provides tactical advice for a defense of progressive values. After an election which delivered both houses of Congress and the Presidency as well as a majority of state legislatures and governorships into the hands of the Republican right, an effective defense of these values is essential. With our electoral system structured the way it is, and the country as divided as it is, sitting at home and hoping for the best is simply not an option. If citizenship means anything, especially in times of adversity, it means taking action to ensure that what we believe in is represented on every local, state, and national agenda.

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