JC Álvarez Interview — Podcast June 30, 2014

Closing the Sedona Film School: Snatching Failure from the Jaws of Success? Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino and Gary LaMaster welcome Dr. JC Álvarez to a discussion of Yavapai College’s recent decision to close the Sedona Film School. Dr. Álvarez, an experienced filmmaker and media consultant with years of experience, and a graduate herself of the Film School when it was still the Zaki Gordon Institute, talks about the history of the school, the awards won by its students, and its remarkable record of success at preparing graduates for successful careers in the film industry. She wonders why, given this history of effectiveness, Yavapai College has decided to terminate the current program at the Sedona campus, and close the school. Frankly, so does Democratic Perspective.

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