Upcoming Broadcasts — September and October, 2011

Here is the schedule of upcoming Democratic Perspective broadcasts for September and October, 2011:

September 19: Jobs, Income and the Future: Why unemployment is so high, wages are so low, and what we can do about it. Democratic Perspective tackles the stagnant U.S. economy — how it got in such bad shape, what the future looks like for ordinary wage-earners, and what we can do to restore prosperity for everybody.

September 26: Alan Grayson Interview.
Alan Grayson, former Democratic Congressional Representative from Florida’s 8th District, famous for his no-holds-barred style, and for going after Republicans on their own turf, explains why he’s running again in 2012, and why the need to do something different about the country’s problems is more pressing now than it ever has been.

October 3: Ann Kirkpatrick, interview — LIVE in our KAZM studio.
Democratic Perspective talks to Ann Kirkpatrick about state and national issues, and how they affect us here in Northern Arizona. We’ll ask her about her positions, and the progress on her current campaign for Congress.

October 10: Ann Kirkpatrick Interview, Part 2.

October 17: Raúl Grijalva Interview. Raúl M. Grijalva, Democratic Congressional Representative from Arizona’s 7th District, and co-chair of the U.S. House Progressive Caucus, talks with Democratic Perspective about the issues facing Arizona and the Nation, and discusses the The Prioritize Emergency Job Creation Act to Allow for Emergency Job Creation Funding, which Representatives Grijalva, Barbara Lee and John Conyers introduced in the House on September 13.

October 24: Raúl Grijalva Interview, Part 2.

Join us on am780 KAZM for a fresh look at the issues of the day from a reality-based Democratic Perspective.

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