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Max Richtman Interview — Podcast November 20, 2017

The Republican Flim-flam Continues: First They Reduce Taxes for the 1% Enough To Ensure a 1.5 Trillion Dollar Federal Budget Deficit, Then They Cut Billions From Social Security and Medicare To Help Reduce the Deficit They Just Created.  Max Richtman, … Continue reading

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Yavapai College Update — Podcast November 13, 2017

Getting What We’ve Paid For: Administrative Support for Yavapai College’s Verde Valley Programs Is Better Than It Was Three Years Ago, But It’s Still Far From Equitable.  Democratic Perspective welcomes Bob Oliphant and Ruth Wicks back to the show to catch … Continue reading

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Wade Carlisle and Felicia French Interview — Podcast November 6, 2017

Democratic Candidates for the Arizona Legislature from Legislative District 6: Education Funding, Environmental Sustainability, and a More Prosperous Future for Rural Arizona.  Democratic Perspective welcomes two Democratic candidates for the Arizona State Legislature from LD 6, Wade Carlisle, candidate for the … Continue reading

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