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Andrea Christelle Interview — Podcast May 22, 2017

Alternative Facts and Philosophy: Sometimes a Lie Is Just a Lie. Democratic Perspective, in an effort to understand the gap between what Donald Trump says, and what we can see with our own eyes, welcomes Andrea Christelle, from SPEX, the Sedona … Continue reading

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Paul Lenze Interview — Podcast May 15, 2017

Sorting Out the Threads in the Middle East: Proxy Wars, Ethnic and Sectarian Alignments, Failed States, Realpolitik, and the Agony of Millions of Refugees.  Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson welcome  Dr. Paul Lenze, Professor of Politics and International Affairs at Northern Arizona University, back … Continue reading

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Put Simply, the American Health Care Act Is a Disaster — Podcast May 8, 2017

The AHCA Has Passed the House: The Light At the End Of the Republican Health Care Tunnel Is an Oncoming Train. Democratic Perspective’s Mike Cosentino and Steve Williamson are joined via the magic of telephony by Silent Gary LaMaster for a discussion of … Continue reading

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David Brushwood Interview — Podcast May 1, 2017

Martin Shkreli Isn’t the Only Profiteer in the Pharmaceutical Industry: Why Does the U.S., Alone Among Developed Countries, Allow Life-Saving Prescription Drugs To Be Priced Beyond the Reach Of Many Of the Patients Who Need Them? David Brushwood, professor emeritus of Pharmaceutical Outcomes … Continue reading

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